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Post to Post with Patty

“A walkabout requires a decision to take a first step, and a conscious and intentional movement  (inwardly, outwardly or both) in the general direction of a longing or calling — with an openness to the actual experience, and  a minimal attachment to expectations and results.” Betsy Lewis

This is a guest post by new Walkabout Woman, Patty Farrell. Patty is traveling 2, 923 miles by foot — without leaving her own hometown! There are as many ways to take a Walkabout as there are women. Read Patty’s version:

Last year I turned 60, and I was looking for a challenge.

Patty Farrell

Patty Farrell

Some friends in California asked if I would like to join them in Walking Across America.  One of my friends said she had done it. It took her about 1 ½ years to walk to New York, and  now she wanted to walk back to San Francisco.

I was a little confused because, as far as I knew, she had never left California.  How did she do it?  Also this was a bit extreme, and I wasn’t sure I had that kind of time ( I am retired — but this is a bit much.) I was curious so I asked for more info.

Well, it turns out there is a  guide book, written by Mary Lu Kost, named MileMarking I-80.  Apparently Kost traveled between San Francisco and New York via Highway I 80 numerous times.  She started taking notes on what services were available at the different exits or mileposts (smart lady).

Sometime during these many trips she decided to share this information with others, and she wrote a book. Patty book

This book became my “workbook.”  As I walked around my neighborhood in Ashland, Oregon, I started keeping track of my miles in Kost’s book.

I started in June of  2012 and, as I walked, I read about the different mileposts, towns, and points of interests (as if I was really there).

Eight months later, I have just crossed into Nevada and I am in Reno NV at the 4th Street Exit (this is all without leaving my home). This exit/milepost is not too interesting, but if I walk two more miles I will be at  Mile Post 18, and there I will find the Nugget Casino and the Heritage Museum (which is free).

The problem is,  if I continue at this rate, I will be 80 years old before I see New York!

I just celebrated another birthday, and decided that I want to really be in New York (never been there) next year.  So the only thing I have to do is virtually walk the 2,923 miles — and the real trip to New York will be my reward.

Patty map

So I am making a commitment to myself to start walking everyday (or most anyway), and share with you all my experiences and the points of interest I visit.

But mostly I want to share what I learn about myself and others along the way.

Last month I  bought a GPS watch to help track the miles. More next time on my struggle with figuring how to use that.  I am wondering how many pairs of shoes I will need.  Now that I have made this public, I will  be able to accomplish it. Right now I think I will go buy a cute walking outfit — that always makes me feel better!!

More next time. See you at the next MilePost!

Patty will be posting here on The Walkabout Woman regularly. You can follow her journey here or by clicking on Walkabout Stories on the menu above. You can also connect with Patty Farrell on her Facebook Page.

And, if you have a walkabout journey to share  — Contact Betsy Lewis.

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