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If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

I have been attracted to lizards lately. I think they are my new totem animal. When I was disintegrating and reconfiguring myself in the years after my divorce I was attracted to butterflies. As I anticipated my walkabout toward freedom – I saw dragonflies everywhere. They embodied the freedom I was craving.

Now it’s lizards.

In the three months I have been on my walkabout I have come down to earth with the other animals that scurry around on the ground. If you watch lizards – they are very attentive to their environment. Their eyes and neck dart and jerk. They are wary and cautious — which is what you have to be when you start to move more freely about in new territory. An interesting thing about them is that they do have some regenerative abilities. If their tail gets pulled off, they create another one – so there is some leeway for errors of judgment.

I have been attracted to aboriginal art for some time too. Since imitation leads to innovation, I started by copying some of the work of other artists to get a feel for it. The piece I did above was inspired by artist Michael Tommy Tjapanardi.

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