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Post to Post with Patty

This is a guest post by Walkabout Woman, Patty Farrell. Patty is traveling 2, 923 miles by foot — without leaving her own hometown! There are as many ways to take a Walkabout as there are women. Read Patty’s version:

The Mustang Ranch and the Forty Mile Desert

MilePosts 23-49

Here I am on the pavement walking, walking, and then walking some more.

I think I hinted last time that I would talk about “my watch”.  This was a big deal for me, a GPS watch.  I bought the watch so it could track me when I walk. Then I wouldn’t have to “drive” my walk to figure out how far I went. (Kind of silly when you think about it)

This watch can do just about anything you want it too: track my miles, my pace, heart rate and, most importantly, calories expended.

Patty gps


I had to get over my fear of electronics. I can get paralyzed. How do I sync this watch with my computer? How in the world does it “download” my walk unto the computer and keep track of it all? I have to be truthful, I got confused and frustrated, even though I followed the directions on how to set the watch up and it was NOT working.

Then comes my friend Rick to help me.  If I had just gone one more step in the setup I would have  had it, but alas, that is my story — quitting just before “the miracle happens”.  More patience in life would be very helpful.  I now love my watch. It motivates me, sends me messages like “great workout”, “fastest time ever”. Every bit of motivation helps.  I have named the watch “Ric”


At MilePost 23 in Nevada I passed Mustang Ranch.  For those of you who don’t know, it is Reno’s Pleasure Palace.  Mustang RanchNevada does not allow street prostitution, but instead, has licensed facilities usually some distance outside each major town. When I was growing up in California, Mustang Ranch was infamous, and young men would go there for their “first experience”.  It’s really just an old rundown mobile home park. Anyway I walked by it very fast!

I am currently at MilePost 49, where I am entering the “Forty mile Desert”. This actually is the lake bed of an ancient sea of the Pleistocene Epoch called Lake Lahontan.   The Donner party was already in dire straits when they passed by here.  I am bringing lots of water, my phone (I bet the Donner party wished they had this), lots of food, and I am going to walk fast, because I understand dust storms are common and a big pain.

Just before starting this part of the trip I decided, or rather my feet decided, that I needed new shoes.   I went to my local runners store and had a great conversation with the very knowledgeable staff.  According to them, you should get new shoes every 400-500 miles, and they showed me how to “squeeze” the shoe’s toe box to see if it is time for a new pair. I am now really feeling very “smart” about my walking and my feet love the new shoes.  I calculate that I will buy approx 6 more pairs of walking shoes before this is over. Maybe I should buy stock in New Balance.

Last but not least, I am finding treasures along the way.  I have found lots of coins.  I now have a jar in which to place my “treasures”, all of which will help fund my trip to NY when I cross that finish line.

Patty coin jar

I will leave you with this, I found a very special treasure on my walk at Mile Post 32.  As soon as I figure out how to take a picture of it and load it on the computer,( I will practice Patience), I will share it will you. Stay tuned!

Yours in Walking,


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  1. I always thought the Donner Party could have really used some Gortex. Keep up the good work or walk as the case might be…

    March 18, 2013
  2. Patty! I love your voice!!!!!!

    March 18, 2013

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